Vote Tuesday, June 10th

Every registered voter in Marion County can and should vote on Tuesday, June 10th.  read more >

Why should we re-elect Mark Richardson?

Mark Richardson has over 20 years of law enforcement experience.  He has been our Sheriff for the past 4 years and he’s done a great job.  Mark took over a troubled department and has restored integrity, professionalism and public confidence in our Sheriff’s Department.   He has increased drug arrests from 185 by the previous Sheriff in 4 years to over 820 and counting in just his first term.  That’s an increase in drug arrests by over 343%.   Mark’s department has solved every murder in Marion County with arrests and convictions during his first term in office. Mark and his deputies have recovered more stolen equipment and other personal property than any Sheriff in Marion County history.  Mark and his deputies have written tickets for over $700,000 in fines and confiscated over $160,000 in drug money in just 3 years.  Mark Richardson has put drug dealers, gang members and other criminals on notice that Marion County is no longer a friendly place to do their kind of business.  

Sheriff Richardson manages his department and our tax dollars with conservative principals getting the maximum benefit for his deputies, his department and the taxpaying citizens of Marion County.   Mark treats all citizens with dignity and respect and demands that his deputies and office personnel do the same.  Honesty and integrity is the foundation of Mark Richardson’s department and the service provided to Marion County.  Mark knows and demands that his employees understand that he is an elected official who answers directly to ALL of the citizens of Marion County. 

Has Mark solved all of the problems or arrested all of the criminals? Certainly not, but his strong leadership and unprecedented cooperation with other local, state and federal authorities is making a huge difference in Marion County.  Mark will continue to use his experience, his leadership skills and his sense of fundamental fairness to build an even better Marion County Sheriff’s Department—to keep Marion County a safe and pleasant place to live, work and raise a family.  Mark is the best choice for Sheriff, he is the only Proven Choice for Sheriff and he has earned our vote and support for another 4 years. 

The Proven Choice For Marion County Sheriff